June 10_blogThanks for coming back to our new blogs series featuring characters from our movie, “Key West: The Conch Republic.” Please visit Kickstarter (www.bit.ly/keywestmovie) to help us fund it.

Today we speak with Pastor Jackson.

Q. Hi Pastor. Tell me about your role.

Pastor Jackson: My family and I are headed to The Keys. I’ve been invited by Pastor Burt Otens of Victory Church of Key West to be a guest Pastor. About 10 miles outside of Key West, we notice a long line of traffic and that everyone else appears to be leaving. We then see and are stopped by the Border Control …

Q. Border Control?? Key West is part of the US…

Pastor Jackson: Yes, well, that’s apparently the problem. Key West, the folks here call themselves “Conchs,” felt pretty harassed by the US government, which set up check points like this one to look for smugglers. They felt it impacted the tourist business, and got so fed up that the Conchs decided to secede. That’s the situation as we are coming onto the island – The Conch Republic has been formed, and a delegate has been sent to Washington with the news. The move is really symbolic and a PR stunt somewhat, but it’s pretty serious.

Q. So you got through?

Pastor Jackson: Of course. We came to preach the word of God and certainly aren’t smuggling anything. My wife and three children make our way to our hotel, and plan to find the church and Pastor Burt. As we stay in Key West and encounter people who are both Christians and non-Christians, I realize the Lord works in mysterious ways and has purpose and intention for us at all times, if we only choose to listen. I believe He’s sent me here to make a difference in some people’s lives, and I try my best in this movie to fulfill his wishes. For example, upon arrival, Pastor Otens arranges for my son to have a new fishing pole. Our hotel is right across the street from the marina, a fisherman named Captain Tommy is recommended to us.

Q. How does the secession impact your visit?

Pastor Jackson: As expected Washington didn’t take the news lightly. They call in the Coast Guard, we learn Captain Tommy has a pretty prestigious military past, tempers start to flare everywhere. And did I mention in the middle of all of this, my teenage daughter believes she is in love? The Lord tests us in many ways, and that’s what we see in this movie.

Thanks for your time Pastor. Next up, we’ll interview Captain Tommy.


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