June 6 BlogToday we interview a bird – that’s right, a pelican named Angel to be exact — who plays a key role in our movie, “Key West: The Conch Republic.”

Q. Hi Angel. What’s your story in this movie?

Angel: Well, apparently I was caught in a bad storm that carried me into Key West. You see, I’m an African pelican, not a Florida one, so I’m pretty special. The kind folks here keep feeding me so, hey, why should I go anywhere since I’ve got it good …

But how do you actually meet the pastor and his family?

Angel: Pastor Jackson brings his family down to the dock one day – you know he’s in town to preach a sermon or two, right? — and I took a liking to his youngest daughter, Natalie. And her blanket. In fact, the first time I meet her, I try to take her blanket. Birds will be birds — I know cats get the credit for being curious, be we pelicans can be, too.

Why is your role important to this movie?

Angel: I know it sounds birdbrained *sorry* but I become Natalie’s best friend while she is in Key West. The rest of her family gets caught up in their worlds, and remain great parents, but little kids need friends, and that’s what I become. She needs someone to look over her and I fill that role, in extended ways that you can’t imagine. Everyone needs someone to look out for them, like Jesus looks out for His flock, those that believe in Him and His grace have the ultimate protection and gift of eternal life. I become attached to Natalie and let’s just say I don’t allow anything to happen to her. At one point, I pull in some friends to help in a dire situation, and it’s a powerful, touching scene.

If you could tell readers anything about this movie, what would it be?

Angel: First, enjoy what I’m saying here because I don’t talk too much in the movie. Second, we need help. Movies are expensive and we need to raise the money to produce this one. Visit our Kickstarter site today. Just $1 from the right number of people can can make a difference.

Thanks, Angel.


How can you help?

You can help us by spreading the word. There are an estimated 76 million Christians in the US alone. If less than one percent each gave a dollar to our Kickstarter campaign, we could raise the funds we need. The Kickstarter project runs through June 20, 2015 at 1:29 pm Eastern Time. If the goal isn’t met by the end of the run, then no funds change hands. Those interested in supporting the project should visit http://www.bit.ly/keywestmovie to learn more.

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