Church members include families who most likely go to the movies or rent DVDs. We believe there are just not enough movies made for families—movies that make you laugh and cry; movies that show the glory of God by using love and compassion versus fear; movies that demonstrate Christian values in the actions of its characters. Our movie, “Key West: The Conch Republic,” will do these things and more, and it’s a story we want to share with the world. We can only do that if we can fund its production, and we can only do that if we can get the word out to as many Christians as possible to help support it. We take guidance from Mark 16:15 – this film will help share the word and love of Christ, and help spread this message to the world.Churches_Blog

What Are We Asking You To Do

We’re asking you to make your fellow church members aware of this movie and the opportunity to help bring it to life. We are using an online program called Kickstarter (see our site here) that is a centralized and secure way to help promote awareness of the movie and to raise funds for its production. Any level of funding is welcome, starting from $1. Most importantly, we ask you to pray for the success of the Kickstarter movie campaign. The program only lasts 45 days, and it’s all or nothing. The entire amount must be raised or no funds are given to us.

Why Are We Trying to Raise Money?

We are trying to raise money to fund the production costs of the movie. Production costs include hiring a director and securing actors. Believe it or not, many actors in Christian films are not paid. Taking that further, many Christian actors are out of work because they are not always welcome in Hollywood. We’d like to use this film, and hopefully future sequels, to employ these men and women and support them in their faith and profession. Additionally, funds are needed for the production crew, pre- and post- production activities, travel expenses for everyone involved, marketing, and more. The costs quickly add up, however, the corporate directors and producers of the movie will not receive any money that is donated through Kickstarter. The goal is to use money from the movie’s theater ticket sales and DVD sales to fund the sequel, which is already written.

Will You Help Us?

First, we’d appreciate your prayers to help bring this project to life, and second, we simply ask that you promote the Kickstarter website (that has all of the details in this post and more) to your members and followers. It could be by email, with a tweet, with a FaceBook post – the smallest gesture would be greatly appreciated.   Our links are below:

Kickstarter Site:

Film Website:

Twitter:   @keywestmovie